Weight Loss Variability

Did you know that diet and training are not the only variables to consider for weight loss?

Here are 5:

Sleep and stress are concepts that influence your progress and have a similar or even greater impact than diet alone.
The macro nutrition is an individualizable concept according to several factors: daily physical activity, current physical condition, lifestyle, genetics, past personal history, etc … etc … Do not look for pre-established diet formulas, they do not consider the factors that concern you and are a copy and paste from one client to another.

Except under medical condition, you are not resistant to insulin. Insulin resistance / sensitivity is a factor to be considered depending on the degree of high or low intensity, insulin sensitivity changes according to the time of day. The following variables will determine this degree: current physical condition, recent physical activity, muscle mass, sleep, diet quality. There is no need to cut all forms of carbohydrates because you have weight to lose. Just consider the quality of these carbs and the ideal frequency for you to consume.

Some will achieve their goals with only half the effort you put into it. Other will have to double it to get half of your performance. Some metabolisms are not naturally endowed to burn fat. Life is unfair, know how to live knowingly and stop comparing yourself to others.

No type of workout can beat a bad diet. Go ahead, burn yourself until death follows if you want it. The truth is that, your progress, will be very limited if you do not change what you eat.

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