Neuro Profile Training

What are Neuro Profiles?

Neuro profiling is a method by which we examine our personality traits and use them to evaluate our neurotransmitter dominance. That information allows us to understand the best type of training, nutrition, and even mindset and lifestyle practices we can employ to maximize our results.

Simply put, Neuro profiling is understanding how your brain chemistry impacts your training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

There is a strong connection between personality profiles and neurotransmitter balance, sensitivity, and dominance. Neurotransmitters play an important role in almost every physiological and psychological function like mood, energy, drive, motivation, fear, stress response, anxiety, muscle strength, blood flow, and more. So it stands to reason that if we want to find the training and nutrition program that will allow for the best adherence and consistency, and therefore results, understanding our neurological or personality profile is imperative.

Adherence, consistency, and sustainability

Ask any great coach what the most important aspects are for success in any fitness endeavor and they’ll likely provide you some version of those 3 things. So why are some people able to stay consistent with certain programs while others just can’t?

It all comes down to your personality and your Neuro profile.

Your Neuro profile will influence your training preferences, but even beyond that, the ability to be motivated by your program and give 100% focus and optimize your results will be greatly enhanced when you train with your nature.

The same is true for nutrition. One of the easiest ways to manipulate neurotransmitter balance, dominance, and sensitivity is through the foods we eat. Therefore, our ability to show up as the best version of ourselves each day is highly contingent on understanding our neurological makeup.

Someone that is overly anxious will not respond the same to a dietary protocol as someone who is more calm by nature.

That’s what I mean by showing up as the best version of you. We are all unique and you should have learned by now that a one size fits all approach to training and nutrition doesn’t work.

The Power of Neuro Profiles

The process for self-development and optimization starts with awareness. That’s the real power of Neuro profiling.

Neuro profiling unlocks a greater potential for self-awareness and self-growth, as a result. You will understand yourself or your clients on a deeper level. It is through this understanding that you’ll evolve both physically and mentally.

To become a better friend, partner, child, parent, sibling, coach, or person, we must first start by knowing ourselves better.

Neuro profiling will improve every area of your life.


Why Should I Eat using Your Neuro Profile?

Knowing your personality type gives us insight into your neurotransmitter balance, dominance, and sensitivity, which allows us to optimize your results through nutrition, macro prescriptions, food choices, meal timing, supplementation, and adherence.

Each Neuro profile nutrition protocol is set up to get you optimal body composition results, allow for focus and intensity during training, adequate recovery, neurotransmitter support, hormonal balance, and adherence based on personality type.

When executed properly and with consistency, these protocols will yield undeniable results.

Since neurotransmitters impact almost every important physiological and psychological function and nutrition impacts neurotransmitters, it makes sense to eat based on your Neurotype in order to feel your best and perform your best.

This applies to everyday life as well. When you eat to support your brain chemistry, you can perform your job better, show up for your loved ones better, and make better choices on a daily basis.

Nutrition for your Neuro Profile

As with anything health related, it’s important to find something that fits into your lifestyle and allows for greater consistency. The statistics on dieting show that most people can stick to a program for a short period of time, but they cannot maintain for the long haul. Nutrition for your Neuro profile fills that gap.

When you eat in a way that aligns with your nature, it’s much easier to be consistent and to sustain it over a long period of time. Not to mention the increased motivation when you see the results you’ve been wanting all along.

As a coach, this allows for greater individualization and understanding of our clients. As a client, this provides an educational tool that puts the power in your hands.

No longer do you have to spend hours searching the internet and reading about keto, zone, paleo, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, or carnivore diets. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these protocols. The question is… are they right for YOU?

When you understand your personality profile, you’ll quickly be able to make that decision.


Why Should I Train Based On My Neuro Profile?

Your personality profile and brain chemistry will influence the type of training that you prefer. It will also impact the specifics of your training that will get you the best results, like your rest intervals, tempo, volume, frequency, intensity, etc.

From a physiological standpoint, the stress response from training will be lessened when you train with your nature, making recovery more efficient, and results easier to come by.

From a psychological standpoint, you will enjoy your training more, be more motivated to train, have more focus during each session, and see the consistency that you’ve been searching for.

Have you ever started a training program because your spouse, friend, sister, brother, or co-worker was doing it and getting amazing results? Ever try that program, hate it and quit after just a week or two? Ever start a diet that worked for someone else, hate it and quit after just a week or two. You likely blamed yourself for not being able to “stick to anything.” You may have asked yourself “WHY am I this way?!”

The Benefits of Neuro Profiling

The Neuro Profiling system will provide you the answers to the questions of why you are the way you are why the latest and hottest training or nutrition program may not be a good fit for you.

Understanding the connection between neurotransmitters and personality traits will provide those answers through increased self-awareness that has lead hundreds of our clients down a path of self-discovery and self-growth.

You will make progress faster than ever before because you will be working WITH your nature instead of against it. And perhaps most importantly, understanding your personality type and applying it will give you a new, or renewed, sense of confidence that can impact all areas of your life.