Improving Body Comp

So you have planned your diet, prepared your meals, have become aware of the nature and quality of your diet for some time. You have made progress, you have seen change but things have slowed down a bit and you are afraid that you have reached a plateau. Do not panic. It happens to the best of us.

First, I would like to touch on some basic rules. These are of paramount importance to ensure progress, consider these rules as commandments of the Bible. Read them again and again ….

Rule # 1 – PATIENCE

From all the clichéd phrases that exist, choose your favorite:

Good things come to those who wait for,
Patience is a virtue,
It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Patience is golden.

No matter how you say it, the results do not appear overnight, no matter how much you want it. Even if you repeat to me many times that you do everything according to plan, the only thing I can tell you is BRAVO, now wait for it to happen. Accept this fact now, the result will be better. All other rules point to this one. So read it until you understand the word patience.


See rule number one if you wonder why. Making multiple changes at once will often create more problems than progress. On the one hand, you will not know which variable has actually produced changes. On the other hand, you miss a chance to benefit from the progression of a single modified variable. On the other hand, you could potentially go too far in your changes and face the consequences of altering your progress too early.


Do not make big drastic changes. You will not necessarily get results equivalent to the value of the change. Why skip twenty minutes of cardio at one o’clock? You deprive yourself of the progress you could have obtained at thirty, forty, and fifty minutes. Your body will only become effective at the new task or workload, and will only adapt more quickly, leaving you as the only option to further increase the workload to create new gains. Make small movements and leave yourself a little room for maneuver.

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