Entrepreneurial Women/Men

Hi! I am Nikki.

You may already know me as the nutrition coach who works with high-achieving (amazing!) men and women who are ready to get down to biz and change their life in a big, huge way.

But there’s more to my story.

The raw, honest truth of it is that there was a time,  where I struggled to find the balance I needed – so much so that I could have demolished my dream.  I had been dragging myself out of bed at 4:00 am and pulling 15 hour work days for the past 8 years.

What do you call it when you pass the burnt-out stage? That was me.

This is what I now refer to as my entrepreneurial rock bottom.

“You are supposed to hustle, and it’s supposed to do the grind. Everyone feels like this, it’s normal – get it together or you’ll never be successful.” These were the detrimental things I told myself, while at the same time wondering why I was still struggling when so many other business men and women walked around with confidence and oozing success.

There is this belief in our society that tells us that in order to be a successful in business  we cannot also take care of ourselves at the same time. That there is simply not enough time in the day to both be healthy and be successful. I call bullsh*t, in fact, I believe the opposite is true.

If we want to stand in our truth, create impact in the world, and feel the success that our hard work warrants then we have no choice but to also learn how to take care of our body and mind at the same time. If we don’t, we will never reach our true potential. This is what I did for myself, and it’s what I want to do for you, too.

I have helped hundreds of entrepenuers transform their relationship with food, and with themselves, which allowed them to step into their best-self and create a life they were obsessed with.

It’s your time.




Does this sound like you?

  • Eating healthy is for the lucky peeps who actually have time to be domestic and cook dinner each night, right? Wrong. You can eat healthy on the go and learn how to fuel your body’s resiliency against stress in your life.
  • Networking, business lunches and social mixers are a non-negotiable part of being the bad-ass in business you are. Learn how to navigate them with confidence and ditch the hold food has over you once and for all. You are in control now.
  • Imagine you wake up in the morning and actually feel energized and excited to start your day. Wouldn’t that feel amazing? It would, but you cannot know what you don’t know. Let’s build a manageable self-care strategy, shift your mindset and integrate your own morning ritual which will keep you on top of your game.
  • You want to walk into a networking event and fearlessly connect with the elite of your industry, mesmerize them with your wit and creating relationships that will propel your career forward.
  • You want to stand in front of your team and lead with confidence, clear on your purpose and ready to guide them into their future.
  • Your friends and family just don’t “get it” – they don’t understand you, your mission, or why you think 15 hour work days are normal. The life of a high-achiever can be a lonely one. Let’s restore balance in your life so that you can feel empowered by the work you do and better foster the most important relationships in your life.

You can have it all, and I want to show you how.

You don’t want to wait until you cross the finish line before you give yourself permission to start feeling amazing. Listen, you already are amazing! And you deserve to feel it – right now.

I know you’re ready to step into the life of a high-achieving who has it all. Being happy and being successful are not mutually exclusive – you can have both. And you should.