Fat Loss Commandments

Over the past 20 years I’ve worked with thousands of men and women. These days I only work with people who truly want to change their lives. Anyone can drop a few lbs if they are strict enough for a couple months. But, when it comes to permanent transformation – … Read More


Sweet Potato Nachos

A little bit about the recipe. If you are strict paleo, don’t use the cheese. This is a paleo-ish recipe. It’s a treat. Also be sure to look at the ingredients in your sweet potato chips, or make your own. Ingredients 500 g grass-fed beef 1 T. chili powder 0.5 … Read More



Pumpkin + Protein + Coffee = Perfect! And what makes it even better is when it is in the shape of a donut…everything is better as a donut, right? If you don’t have a donut pan, no problem, just make them into muffins. Whatever works for you. But I have … Read More

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