Posts from July, 2019


Weight Loss Variability

Did you know that diet and training are not the only variables to consider for weight loss? Here are 5: Sleep and stress are concepts that influence your progress and have a similar or even greater impact than diet alone. The macro nutrition is an individualizable concept according to several … Read More


Neurotype Case Study: Jen

Meet Jen! She is a badass client of mine who came to me with the primary goal of improved body composition. I want to walk you through the process of what that looks like from a training, nutrition, and lifestyle standpoint. Jen is a type 1A. If you aren’t familiar … Read More


Individualizing Variability

Individual Variance. It’s something I talk a lot about but it often goes overlooked. Reason being, no one wants to hear “it depends” as the answer to their questions. The truth is, it really does depend! When it comes to human metabolism, hormone health, gut health, macros, cardio, strength training, … Read More